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Exciting Development with my Hands-on Cooking Classes

This year all my Toronto based cooking classes will be held at Grano Ristorante.

I reached an agreement with my friend Roberto Martella of Grano to conduct a class each month on  Wednesdays in the north room or the west room leading to the outdoor patio with the beautiful fountain.  This  arrangement is doubly beneficial as I now have the support of the staff and kitchen for the events and my  guests can enjoy the hospitality that Grano is well known for. Read more

Happy Cooking Class Participant

What a fabulous blog from another happy, well fed, cooking class participant. Jamie, I’m so glad you enjoyed your sausage making experience!

“The best sausage we ever tasted was comforting and juicy, with a light shine on its tanned skin and charred spots on some crispy edges. Even before it was cooked, it had a sweet aroma that filled the air and a dark red colour from the wine it was made with…..”  read blog here.