Bounty of the County: Fiorito

So pleased to be mentioned in Joe Fiorito’s article in today’s Toronto Star.

Angelo Bean is a man I admire because, some years ago, he said he wanted to retire from his job at the LCBO and start making Italian sausages. A man after my own heart, and arteries.

And many people have that dream, or its equivalent, but Angelo not only did what he said he’d do, he does it as well as it can be done.

He makes salsicce and salume, and many of his sausages are flavoured with the wine and cider of the region, and he fed us these things and more for lunch, and then he pointed us in several directions and turned us loose.


Download the whole article as a PDF hereAngleo-Karen

Here I am with my beautiful, bountiful wife, Karen xo

Life in the County

HOUSE2The process of buying property in Prince Edward County (PEC) lasted almost a full year. After seeing beautiful century homes without a basement, we opted for a more modern house with a solid basement to house my lab and curing room for my salumi.  The two acre lot is full of tall mature maple and beech trees.  I plan to cultivate mushrooms, have a little vineyard in the back, herb garden, a couple chickens with their own pen, build a full size jerk pit (after seeing the real thing in Jamaica, I will have no peace until I have my own – the good thing is that it can double as a smoke house) …will this lifetime be enough?  The location is on Christian Road in the vicinity of County Roads 1 and 2, very close to the wineries in Hillier.  I plan to have a tent/booth ready for featuring my sausages at wineries and events during the summer. Continue reading “Life in the County”

The New Beginning

Change is the spice of life.  I am spicing up my life for the third time.  Some people spend their whole life doing one job without having a passion. I always manage to have two passions at a time. I started as a cabinet maker and wine geek. Then, wine/product consultant for the LCBO and moonlighting as a sausage and salumi maker. Now, I will be an artisan sausage maker and freelance wine expert. Underlying passion was and is present throughout all these changes! Life is good!

The last 13 years with the LCBO have been a good experience. Tasting an enormous amount of wines a year is definitely a dream come true for a wine lover.  Teaching, presenting, evaluating, judging, consulting, and continuously learning were the highlights. The customers at the Summerhill store made my job a perfect example of the saying, “do what you like and never work a day in your life”. Some of them are now close friends! I will miss the action but will keep in touch with them.

During this time I went through some health and personal problems.  With the help of my family, friends, colleagues, and the LCBO, I survived. During this time I started to take seriously my passion for cooking, making salumi and sausages, and supporting the local food industry. Continue reading “The New Beginning”