There is a sentimental legacy to the name Winevision. The original company that I worked for and managed was New World Kitchens.  Then when I bought it, it became New Vision. So here we are: the “vision” continues. Years ago I thought that it would be my future in wine. Sausages got in the way!

Here I will post featured wines not regularly available from the LCBO, introduce small importers that bring in interesting wines, and feature wines available through the winery only.  If there is a very special buy from the LCBO then I will make an exception. From time to time I might feature a particular wine-related article.  As I will not be able to taste the bi-weekly Vintages releases, I would like to direct you to my friend and neighbour Billy Munnelly’s website where he posts regularly about LCBO and Vintages wines.  Billy has a particular way of describing wines that is unique, original, but most of all, really down to earth and fun.  Check it out

Acknowledgements:  the opinions I will put forward on this blog will reflect my own personal tastes. I will only talk about wines that I personally like; the wines I buy and consume at home.  If I don’t, I will not feature the wine. I do have the training and qualifications to asses and judge a wine quality without bias.  However I believe that wine is food meant for the table and best enjoyed in the company of family and friends.  As I like to say: People, food and wine as a catalyst for the above.

Wine is landscape in a bottle.  When it’s well made it tells you of the land and the people in it.  Paraphrasing Hugh Johnson in his book on Tuscan wines: “look too closely and you miss the point”.  This is my Winevision.

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