Cooking Studio Policies


Refunds up to 7 days prior to class. For Salumi-making Workshop, 14 days notice required for refund.

For private events, refund available with minimum 10 days notice. See private event policies below.

Ticket Transfers

If you determine that you are unable to attend a class less than 7 days out, you may transfer your ticket by contacting the Studio to confirm the name and contact details of the attendee.

Dietary Restrictions

Please contact Angelo in advance of booking to discuss the ingredient list and what adjustments may be possible to accommodate allergies/food sensitivities.  Please keep in mind that classes are “hands on” and the group will be working together to create the menu.  If Angelo does not believe he can guarantee the elimination of cross contamination, or if the required accommodation is likely to negatively impact the experience for the rest of the group, he will advise.

All class menus have been carefully designed to convey a total experience.  In order to have the menu ready in the limited time of the class, many items are prepped before the class for easy and efficient preparation, which may mean certain accommodations are not possible.

Gluten, lactose and meat products are interspersed abundantly in all menus and are an important part of the whole experience; delivering an authentic expression of Italian Roots in Local Soil.

In the two years of operation, having accommodated gluten, dairy and vegetarian options, Angelo has found that catering to an individual need often takes away a lot of time from the rest of the group, resulting in a lesser experience for all other guests.  For this reason, unfortunately, Angelo cannot accommodate freely requests for changes in the menu.  However, Angelo is happy to discuss any dietary concerns in advance and will accommodate where possible.

Private Events

Private classes are limited to groups of 6 to 10 people.  Full class fee is required upon booking.   Minimum enrolment of six people required.  Full refund available if notification of event cancellation is received at least 10 days in advance.  No partial refunds for cancellations that bring the number of participants to less than six people.