Cooking Studio Fall Classes Update

During the spring and summer, Karen and I have taken advantage of the COVID restrictions to take care of many things that needed to be done at our home/studio in the County. The cork trail is almost ready for outdoor workshops next year.

We are flattered by the daily requests for private classes in the fall, but we think it is best to wait until there is a strong evidence of recovery.

This fall there will be no additional classes scheduled. After consulting with participants we have decided to proceed with the handful of classes booked before the COVID outbreak, with only three to four people registered per class, providing there is no new outbreak of cases.

This winter we will re-evaluate the situation and decide on a course of action for 2021. Already it is clear that we will run only private classes, booked well in advance, where participants are all part of the same social bubble.

If you are a gift certificate holder, do not worry, we will honor our commitment to you. If we cannot fit you into a scheduled class, we will run one especially for you.

Throughout my life I always believed and acted on unexpected events as a catalyst to change and an opportunity to do something new, exciting and better.

Let’s all be responsible and take this as an opportunity to simplify our lives and be better caring people.


Karen & Angelo

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