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SALUMI TASTING WORKSHOP  Click here for info.


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“I must say, I’m an event planner, a restaurant manager (of one of the huge chains), and an inspiring chef (will never be one because it’s too hard!). I share this because your event at Grano was the best I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve taken every cooking class imaginable in this city. LOL!
A glass of prosecco and passed hors d’ouevres to start. A welcome talk by Angelo and his team. Getting down and dirty with the sausage making. Then a BBQ and a full dining table on the patio designated just for us! And complimentary bottles of wine!!?? It honestly felt like a dinner in Angelo’s home, not a cooking class. All the guests were very wowed. And Angelo kept feeding us his homemade sausages and we had to pace ourselves as he kept surprising us with more sausages. Thank you again.”


Gourmet Sausage producer and avid locavore Angleo Bean will show you how to create our own homemade sausage. From fresh meat, grinding and stuffing the casings he’ll work with you side by side to create a delicious, artisan sausage. Once the sausages are made, we’ll cook some up and “stuff” ourselves over the dinner table on the fruits of our labour.

“Our class began with beverages and snacks for students while we watched a demo by Angelo on the process of making sausages from scratch. He explained the importance of a good piece of meat, and revealed the most important part of sausage making — how to eliminate the bad fat (slimy and elastic) but keep the good fat (firm and delicious), which commercially made sausages fail to do. He showed the class some crucial knife skills plus the importance of sanitation and taught us to keep the meat cold until the last minute. We were then shown how to safely use a classic hand grinder (which will momentarily have you envisioning a scene from Sweeney Todd) and real hog castings. When it was our turn to try, the class was split into two teams, one with reisling and one with baco noir, each to make a set of wine-infused sausages with Angelo, who happens to be a wine connoisseur, as our guide.”



Make your own pasta! Italian-born ‘Sausage King’ Angelo Bean will show you how to create delicious pasta from scratch. Learn how to make stuffed, laminated and flavoured pastas. No pasta making experience is necessary – anyone can join. Come prepared for hands on work and to have some fun with a rolling pin in this hands on class. Once the pasta is made we’ll all sit down to a delicious Italian meal using your perfect pasta creations.



Good food starts with good ingredients. I’ll teach you to make the perfect risotto using Carnaroli and Vialone Nano organic rice varieties imported from Italy. I learned the non-stir method directly from Gabriele Ferron and I’ll teach it to you. No longer will you consider risotto a daunting time consuming task. I’ll show you some fabulous flavour combinations to delight your palette throughout the four seasons.



I love food & wine and the fabulous experience they can provide when paired properly.  Stay tuned for more details as we develop more classes.