Bounty of the County: Fiorito

So pleased to be mentioned in Joe Fiorito’s article in today’s Toronto Star.

Angelo Bean is a man I admire because, some years ago, he said he wanted to retire from his job at the LCBO and start making Italian sausages. A man after my own heart, and arteries.

And many people have that dream, or its equivalent, but Angelo not only did what he said he’d do, he does it as well as it can be done.

He makes salsicce and salume, and many of his sausages are flavoured with the wine and cider of the region, and he fed us these things and more for lunch, and then he pointed us in several directions and turned us loose.


Download the whole article as a PDF hereAngleo-Karen

Here I am with my beautiful, bountiful wife, Karen xo

Happy Cooking Class Participant

What a fabulous blog from another happy, well fed, cooking class participant. Jamie, I’m so glad you enjoyed your sausage making experience!

“The best sausage we ever tasted was comforting and juicy, with a light shine on its tanned skin and charred spots on some crispy edges. Even before it was cooked, it had a sweet aroma that filled the air and a dark red colour from the wine it was made with…..”  read blog here.